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REMrisk  uncovers significant risk not seen in LDL-c.


REMrisk is the measurement of remnant lipoproteins, made up of IDL and VLDL3. Remnant lipoproteins significantly increase risk for cardiovascular disease due to their unique properties not seen in traditional measures that utilize LDL-c. 

Using the VAP+ Test, a recent study   found that remnant lipoproteins increased CVD risk by 23% after adjusting for traditional risk factors.

The Adult Treatment Panel III (ATP III) Guidelines state that the evidence for remnant lipoproteins occurs in patients with triglycerides over 200mg/dL. However, new data demonstrates remnant lipoproteins pose significant and independent risk in patients with triglycerides well below 200mg/dL. 

No other test routinely reports the presence of remnant lipoproteins.


of cardiovascular disease than LDL-c alone


A co-conspirator with LDL-c

The VAP+ Test: the only cholesterol test where remnants are routine.


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of American Heart Association. 2016. DOI: 10.1161/JAHA.115.002765.